Five Truths about Any Business – Not Just a Network Marketing Business

You are here to learn about making money from home, unfortunately sometimes the truth gets glossed over.  So let’s first learn a few things many thousands of people including myself have learned about business, and this means any business, online, offline, wherever.

Truth 1: There is no such thing as a Free Lunch…
Yes, it will take some money to make money, the thing is being careful about what you spend.  There are “gurus” who claim to know the secret to making money without doing any work or without spending any money. However those gurus expect you to spend $97 to buy their ebook in which they tell you how you can get people to buy the same ebook you just bought from them.

Once you get involved in a business, you will have to work.  Even the programs that rave that you “don’t have to do a thing” have a but following that statement and that but is “…but advertise your website.”  This the problem most people have with building a business online, but this is also why this ebook was created, and why your sponsor wanted you to have the “Bluebook 4 Network Marketing.”

Further this means that anyone who tells you building a business from home is easy and effortless is not being fully honest.  But it can be fun, rewarding, fulfilling, profitable and lead to your retirement from a Just Over Broke J.O.B., with work and dedication.

Truth 2: You should always exercise leverage.
You will learn more about this in a bit, but for now, leverage is the ability to get people together to work for a common goal.  When several people work together towards a common goal, it becomes much easier than with one person.

Imagine painting your house, how much quicker is it, when you have two people instead of one?  What happens when you have 5 working instead?  If it takes 10 hours for you to paint your house, with 5 people you can paint it in 2 hours!

Truth 3: Your friends & family probably won’t understand
They work a job.  They make money just fine.  And they will also work 40 years at a company that probably will be ready to fire anyone at the first signs of financial problems.

Their vacations will be scheduled for whenever it is convenient, their sick days limited.  While it may take some time and effort to build your business to replace your income, when it does you will be able to make your own schedule.

They also will get a little retirement fund that does not quite go up as much as inflation.  The great thing about Network Marketing is building residual income, which becomes retirement income. This will be discussed further in another segment.

Truth 4: Rome was not built in a day…
Sorry, Rome was not build in a day, and your business will not grow from nothing to hundreds in a week, a month. It will take time and work to build it into a business that will help you retire from that job that you hate, for whatever reason you dislike it.

Some people become “opportunity hoppers,” and if an opportunity has not made them $$$$ in 3 weeks they move to the next.  However this chronic jumping is about like planting and expecting to harvest the next week.   Basically the opportunity hopper plants some corn, when a week later all it has done is show it’s little green head.  The jumper decides, “Well if that’s all it’s going to do, then I will just pull them up and plant tomatoes.”

They will never really see the plants produce, because before the plants ever have time, the jumper is on something else.  Most any company regardless of product, or compensation plan can succeed when you market it, talk to prospects, and take your time.  Just like plants, if you do nothing, your business will not grow.  And if you dig up your plants too soon, you will never see growth.

Truth 5: If you want to replace your job, you must work this like a job.
If you treat your business like a hobby, then do not be surprised when it grows very – very little and very – very slowly.  If you want it to replace your current job, then you must treat this like a job.  You must decide to work it like a job.

That means you spend time dedicated to marketing, talking to people doing what it takes to get the job done. Just like you would do whatever it takes to get your job done at your regular job.   This is your future… your retirement, your ability to stay home with your family. It’s how you decide when you want to take vacations.  But you must work, to reach those goals you have long desired.

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