I could never understand why people sign up in a business and quit in their first month or even in their second or third. What’s that all about? Why did they bother joining in the first place?

Remember that any legitimate home business is just that – a business. You have to be reasonable with your expectations about growing a business. It won’t happen overnight. And those that say it will are not telling you the truth.

Here’s a scenario: Someone joins a business and is all excited because by this time next week they’ll be rich. Next week comes and  – nothing. A week after that still nothing. So they get upset and leave. Even in their very first month! So what do they do next? They join the “next best thing.” But this time they are absolutely sure this is the one that WILL work. Well, guess what? That’s right – the same old thing. So they quit that one too and find another one. and then another and another and so on.

There are people out there who have joined 4 or 5 businesses or more in just six months or less and still don’t have a single penny to show for it!

Now here’s why I feel real bad for these folks – Had they stayed in the first one they joined and put in some effort, they would most likely be seeing some compensation after the same 6 month period. Instead they are still hopping from program to program and have not made a single penny.

The old saying that “if something sounds too good to be true it probably is” is so very true. You must be reasonable with your expectations.

I’ve said time and time again – find a business that is reputable and honest, has been around for a while and has a history of paying their people on time, each time – AND STAY WITH IT!

If you don’t give it a fair chance how will you know if it works? And don’t get into “my business is better than your business” nonsense. No one wins those discussions. There are pros and cons to many legitimate businesses. And of course make sure you join a legitimate company.

Once and for all just please stay with it!

Many businesses fail because people simply don’t give it enough time.  So why would your legitimate home business be any different? It’s not.

So join a good company – don’t get distracted – be willing to put some honest effort into it and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.

Until next time,

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