Generate Leads with Post it Notes

If you’ve been marketing online or offline then you’re more than aware there are many ways to do so. A simple and effective way is to use Post It Notes! You can simply stick these Post It Notes anywhere – ATM machines, inside books at the book store, and more.
Just follow this simple procedure:

Generate Leads with Post it Notes

  1. Buy some post it notes (super sticky) at Staples or other stationary store
  2. Create a “self inking rubber stamp” (very inexpensive)
  3. Stamp your “mobile classified ad” on your post it note.
  4. Your ad should “pop” with your web link and phone number.
  5. Post them wherever you can – Driver side windows in parking lots, ATM machines, Movie Rental Vending Machines, inside books etc..

Post it notes are easy.

ANYONE can do this. You don’t need to go out specifically to post the notes, you can simply post them as you’re out and about.

Let the ad do the work.
People are curious about the ad drives them to call your number or visit your site.

Try to include a phone number.
It’s good to include a phone number because when people find your post it note, they will have their cell phone with them for a fast and direct response… if they find the message interesting, they will visit your site.

The phone number can be a sizzle call or any other short presentation call your company may have.


Sample Ads for your Ink Stamp:

$1,500 to $5,000/mth
Part Time or Full Time

KILLS THE 9 to 5!

Simple Home System Part Time
Replaces The 9-5 + Free Training

So there you have it!  Post-It-Notes is a simple method to generate leads for your business.  Teach this to your teams and they will be excited to implement this simple strategy!  We have step by step video training on setting this up with best places to buy your stamp, voice mail services etc. inside our team website.  You can find out more about that here.

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