LeadNetPro Bonus – Who Wants An iPad!?

If you landed this page, you’re probably already sold on this tool and just want to find out what kind of valuable bonus you can get your hands on. When I saw this product I knew right away it was going to be HUGE, so I needed to go over-the-top and provide a LeadNetPro bonus with real tangible value.

How many times have you bought a product with a bonus “secret” strategy video or some hyped-up clickbank product that is 2 years outdated? We all have…But I’m not going put you through that because all the “secrets” you need to be ultra-successful using LeadNetPro are already in the backoffice.

The creators of LeadNetPro have been holding “secret-packed” webinars every single week since the tool was released and are dedicated to teaching you everything there is to know about using LeadNetPro. Honestly, it would be pretty stupid for me to try and compete with that level of training. So instead, I’m just going to give away some cool stuff to anyone that buys LeadNetPro through me. That’s what you really wanted anyway.. right?


The LeadNetPro Bonus Drawing!


Apple iPad 16GB with WiFi – Retail Value $499


That’s right, for every 10 sales that are made I will be doing a drawing for a brand new iPad 16GB (or laptop equivalent) So that means on top of getting access to this amazing tool you are going to have a chance to win a brand new iPad that is worth more than LeadNetPro itself.

I know that’s not for everyone so if “chance” really isn’t your thing and you just want something NOW, here’s another bonus with tangible value that anyone who purchases through my link can take advantage of instead of being entered in the drawing.

$50 Amazon Gift Card (or gift card of your choice)


But Wait, There’s More…

At about 2 a.m. after I finished writing this post, I was lying in bed and my mind was running in circles trying to find a way to take this bonus to the “over-the-top” mega-bonus level. I was physically drained and seconds from dozing off, and then —>It HAPPENED!

I had one of those moments when the clouds part and beams of sunshine hit you while the angels pump up the “Hallelujah!” chorus (no blasphemy intended, I really mean it).

“I Forgot About The Pass-Up!”

I instantly pulled out my journal and frantically wrote down the “mega-bonus” that is going to blow the minds of anyone who is going to market this product to their current list OR the list they generate using LeadNetPro.

Here’s how the comp plan works, anyone who buys through my link and makes a LeadNetPro sale “passes-up” their first sale to me. That’s awesome for me, but I feel that that person should get something for the hard work they put in to make that first sale. So, I had to add one last bonus into the mix..

The Final LeadNetPro Bonus

If you buy LeadNetPro through my link and make at least one sale resulting in a pass-up commission for me, I will enter you into the drawing a second time OR you will receive another $50 Amazon Gift Card. How’s that for over-delivering? ;)


Important: In order to qualify for the free iPad drawing or Amazon gift card you must order LeadNetPro through my link. The easiest way to be sure you are buying from me is to look at the very bottom of the LeadNetPro purchase page for my name (Frank Filippo) OR at the end of the leadnetpro url it should say “ref=realdreams”.

Note: You must to clear your cookies if you’ve already visited someone else’s site.

As soon as you purchase LeadNetPro and pay your licensing fee send an e-mail to realdreamsnow@gmail.com with the subject line “Request for LeadNetPro Bonus” in the subject line. Also, please attach a copy of your receipt and let me know if you would like to be entered in the drawing or recieve a $50 Amazon Gift Card. (If you would like the gift card please include shipping information)

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Frank Filippo

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The Ultimate Lead Net Pro Review

This Lead Net Pro Review is going to cut through all the B.S. and speak to the heart of what business owners are struggling with in the market today. It’s no secret that the majority of business owners and entrepreneurs in this day-n-age have one common problem, they are all struggling to find quality leads and prospects for their businesses.

There are a million ways to generate leads out there and ultimately there is a cost associated with each one. Some cost you money, some eat up your time, and honestly most of them do both. But what most people are not taking into consideration is the quality of lead they are generating from their marketing efforts.

Here’s a little Marketing 101, if you want to be successful in business you need to put a targeted message in front of a targeted audience and generate quality traffic. If you focus your efforts on speaking directly to your target market and generating quality traffic you will get MASSIVE results with much less time and effort.

“That’s Exactly What Lead Net Pro Allows You To Do”

Lead Net Pro is the brand new “Hybrid” Extractor/Mailer/Phone Broadcaster tool that’s been sweeping through the online syndicates since Mid-October. This tool provides the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be able to generate F.R.E.E targeted leads and put a targeted message in front of them quickly and easily.

In the past if you wanted to do everything that this tool is capable of, you would have to own 5-7 tools that range from $100-600 a piece. Plus, since they were constantly being updated and “new technology” was being released every couple months, it made team duplication nearly impossible. To be quite honest, that’s the main reason I shied away from using those tools in my business until one of my mentors shared Lead Net Pro with me. (Now all my top leaders are using Lead Net Pro to generate targeted leads everyday..)

Before I get into the features of Lead Net Pro I want you to understand that this tool is extremely powerful and if used the “right way,” it can bring in tons of quality leads and cashflow into your business. Unfortunately tools like this have been give a bad name by relentless spammers using them the “wrong way,” but if you go into this endeavor with an ethical mindset and a true passion for delivering a quality product to a customer in need, you will have extreme success using Lead Net Pro in your business and your message will not be disregarded as “spam.” So finally, here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

Lead Net Pro Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth!

I know that’s a pretty bold statement not even knowing what kind of business your in, but the diversity of this product is so extensive that it doesn’t really matter. If you have a product or service that provides value to your customer, Lead Net Pro can help communicate with your target audience on a mass scale. They offer the most dynamic, comprehensive, and state of the art e-mail and voice broadcasting platform on the market.

Lead Net Pro Extractor – This tools allows you to punch in a specific keyword and instantly extract e-mail addresses and phone numbers from Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, Yellowbook, and many other powerful websites. In just a couple minutes you can have a list of 2-3000 e-mails AND phone numbers (including the exact URL they were harvested from), all downloaded into an excel file for you. The fact that it produces 99% accurate data and can harvest from multiple websites on the same platform is what truly separates Lead Net Pro from any other extractor on the market.

Lead Net Pro Emailer – When you purchase Lead Net Pro, you will also be directed to get a new domain and specific hosting account to install this software directly onto. The Emailer is fully-integrated with the software that is installed on your domain, and actually sends out the e-mails through your domain’s email account. In the past, you always had to rely on 3rd party programs to send the e-mails for you and they usually bogged down your system because they were constantly running in the background. With Lead Net Pro you can have the Emailer running 24/7 right on your domain and see no drop in your computer’s performance.

With the Lead Net Pro Emailer you have the ability to send up to 90 e-mails every 15 minutes (~9,800 per day), but it’s recommended that you set it at around 50 e-mails every 15 minutes (~4,800 per day) to keep the deliverability rate the highest it can be. Another huge benefit to using Lead Net Pro over other mailers is that they allow you to send plain text AND html messages through their system, so you can fully brand your e-mails with your personal header at the top and signature at the bottom if you like.

Lead Net Pro Phone Broadcaster – Phone Broadcasting is one of the most powerful strategies that can be used to market any business. Make no mistake, all the major heavy-hitters use it and if you are not taking full advantage of this technology you are leaving stacks of money on the table.

In case you don’t know what phone broadcasting is, it allows you to record a targeted message and automatically call thousands of people at once and ask them if they would like more information on what you are doing. If they do, they tell you to call back and if they don’t they hang up. Sound easier than calling thousands of people directly and 90% of the time getting an answering machine?

The Lead Net Pro Phone Broadcaster’s rates are close to half the cost of their competitors (1.8 cents per minute, billed every 6 seconds, with no minimum call time) and the offer a system that is easier to use that anything else on the market.

Now Do You Think Lead Net Pro Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth?

I told you I could deliver, but I’m not done yet. Lead Net Pro is by far the most valuable tool on the market if you want to generate your own F.R.E.E. targeted leads, and other people are using 5-7 tools and paying Thousands of Dollars to be able to do everything that you can with Lead Net Pro… and guess what? They’re waiting for YOU to share it with them!!

The Lead Net Pro Compensation Plan

[myvideotalk]This is where it is going to get very exciting for you, I have never seen a product that’s so valuable pay commissions even relatively close to what Lead Net Pro does. I have actually been holding this tool back from the super-affiliates I know because of how fast they would gobble this thing up ;)

I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Frank, Just Get To The Freakin’ Numbers Man!”

Alright, Alright, I’m not going to keep you guessing anymore. Lead Net Pro pays out $300 per sale PLUS another $300 one-time pass-up if anyone that you sell the product to makes a sale, and that is instantly paid to your paypal account the second the sales is made. Could it really get any better than that?   I think it so…. :D


The Ultimate Lead Net Pro Bonus


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Frank Filippo