The Wrong Things

Can you relate to this?

Someone just joined your team, let’s call him Robert. Much to your delight, Robert is so excited about his new business and goes over all the training materials from the company!

Then he decides a trip to the bookstore is in order to buy some books on building his new network marketing business.

Now he thinks it’s time to get on the internet and start surfing for different ways that can build his business for him.

For the next few days he stays on the internet (he’s now officially caught in the big “black hole”) and he’s starting to get confused, as one website leads to another…

“Hmmm,” Robert asks himself, “should I build my own website?

While he’s thinking about that, he decides to organize his contact list by male and female, alphabetical, geographical, color coded for personality type, shoe size, and so on.

In Robert’s mind, he wants everything to be perfect BEFORE he starts building his new business.

So what’s wrong with reading books and surfing the net for business building and other resources? What’s wrong with going through the company’s training material?

Well there’s nothing wrong with that. Except that Robert is focusing on the wrong things.

If your car dies on a major highway there’s no point wiping your car clean while you’re waiting for the tow truck.

Robert is not alone. Most people in this industry when starting out convince themselves that what they’re doing is priority but in reality they are not priority in building their business. Yes they are useful, and definitely more fun and easier!

So do you spend your time doing fun and easy things while avoiding those things that could have a good impact on your business?

We’ve all heard this before:
80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts and 20% of your results will come from 80% of your effort.

So I don’t know about you but I would rather spend my time on activities that can yield me better results than spend most of
my time on stuff that may bring in minimal results.

For example, I won’t spend too much time with tire-kickers, but with movers and shakers I’ll spend as much time as they want. And I won’t spend my time reinventing the wheel because my company’s materials are just not good enough. I’d rather spend my time bringing in new customers and business partners.

So it’s time to ask yourself a serious question…
“Are you spending most of your time doing the things that can give you the best results or are you spending too much time on the fun and easy stuff?”

Your Partner In Success,

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