Thoughts Become Things

With the release of the movie “The Secret”, the Law of Attraction has been introduced to more people than ever before. Here’s a cute little example of that law:

1tree24thumbThere was once a weary traveler who sat down to rest in the shade of a tree. He did not know that the tree he rested upon was a magic tree. It is called ” The Wish-Granting Tree.” Seated on the hard ground, he thought how pleasant it would be if he can sleep in a soft bed. Instantly, a bed appeared before him. Astonished, the man immediately climbed onto the bed.

Then, he thought that it would be nice if there would be a beautiful young girl beside him who would massage his sore legs. At that moment, a young girl appeared before him and began massaging him.

“I’m so hungry,” the man said to himself. “Having something to eat now would be a great pleasure.” Instantly, a table appeared with delicious foods. The man rejoiced and began eating and drinking to his heart’s content. His head spun a little and his eyelids grew heavy as the wine took effect.He stretched himself and was thinking about the wonderful events that took place on that extraordinary day.

“I’ll sleep for an hour or two,” he thought. “The worst that could happen would be if a tiger wandered by while I’m asleep.” Instantly a tiger appeared and devoured the poor man.

Cute little story – or silly – depending how you look at it. But it has been shown over and over that our negative thoughts and fears come true. So there truly is power in positive thinking and the belief, visualizations, affirmations and acceptance that we are successfull. Try it!

I wish with all my heart that you live a life free of worry, negative thoughts and fear. I wish you a life full of abundance with love, peace, joy and success!


-Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today…
Today is the most important day of your life!