What The Company You Choose Must Have

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Yes I know that statement is correct, but hey, having the right company to help you along doesn’t hurt, right? A lot of people think you can join any company to get a paycheck and the company you join really doesn’t matter. I don’t believe that is true. It is true that you can do just about anything to earn money. However, if you wish to earn a full time living from these types of companies, you have to find the right company to go with and not just settle for the first one that comes along. So here is what history has shown a  company needs in order for you to succeed and earn a full time income week after week.

The Products

One of the first things you will want to look at is the MLM company’s top selling products. For example, just recently a website listed the top 25 companies based on yearly sales and building an arm for network marketing for 10 years plus.

So, out of the 25 on the list… (remember this is the top 25)

0 had a Travel Product
1 was a Service Product
2 had a Technology Product
22 had a Health & Wellness Product

So, that tells us to find a company selling health and wellness products because that’s what consumers want and lasts long term.

Make Sure They Compensate You

Another important thing you will need to look at when choosing a company is the compensation plan. Sure they may have great products, but if you don’t get paid to  sell them, you are doomed. The price must be right and the product must be worth the money. If you are unlikely to sell it, you shouldn’t waste your time promoting it.

Should You Go With a Start Up Company or Established?

That is a big question often asked and there’s no definitive answer. If they are selling tools for businesses, or something along those lines, then it doesn’t really matter. However, for your primary business, you need to consider whether you’ll join a new start up company or an established one.

Every company has to start somewhere. So, if a company is just starting, do your research, you might find that they are just right for you. When doing your research though, look at everything such as the company management, compensation plan, and products they will be offering. Then make the decision if you should go with a company that just launched or not.

I hope this helps you in your search for your best company to represent! If you would like to see what we decided was the best fit for us and our family visit:  http://PartnerWithFrank.com








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